La Entrega Season 01 Episode 06

La Entrega Season 01 Episode 08


La Entrega is a 10-episode bolivian miniseries that follows four characters (Jorge, Laura, Raquel and Pato) who are carried by diverse circumstances into the dark world of human traffic and forced prostitution. Located in the cities of La Paz and El Alto, the miniseries explores the inner world of these characters, as full of contrasts as the landscapes of these cities: courage, violence, sacrifice, guilt and redemption. Pato is a low-life journalist who works for a TV channel and tries to find the news that will make him a star. Jorge is a bus driver who will do what it takes to get the money needed to save his son´s life. Raquel is a young single mother of a teenage girl. When her daughter disappears, she will make the highest sacrifice to find her. Laura is a survivor of human traffic who will go back into the world she escaped to find her own redemption.

Technical Details

Producer: Hapa Pictures

Genres: Drama-Police

Number of episodes: 10

Duration: 50 minutes

Video quality: 6k

Audio quality: Simple Rate 48000 hz beats per sample 24 BPS

Gory Patiño



Equipment Manager, Directing Instructor at the New York Film Academy - Staff Director of commercials and documentaries at Cabruja Films. 



-Best Feature Project at the City Hall Funding with PSEUDO -Official selection at the Huelva coproduction Convention with PSEUDO -Best Ibero American Project with PSEUDO, Bolivia Lab. -Ibermedia funds winner for development for the feature project PSEUDO. -Top 10 Award at the Slamdance Screewriting Competition. -Best Director “Fine Line” – Chapman University Awards. -Best Short “Fine Line” – Chapman University Awards. -Best Editor “Fine Line” – Chapman University Awards. -Most Outstanding International Student, Chapman University. -Most Promising Student Award – Chapman University. -Fulbright Scholarship for Graduate Studies.